We’re ExtraAF.

And we’re a sustainable fashion brand. But a lot of people say that, right?

Well, we’re not a lot of people.

Founded in 2019, we’re modern in both our fashion and our approach to doing the right thing. Which, for us, means being good to you, and being good to the world.


We’re the fashion.

Good fashion speaks for itself. It needs no intro. Good fashion is created with quality, care and confidence – and it’s worn that way, too. ExtraAF is all about good fashion, led by

trends – styles that are sourced, created and shipped sustainably, and bought, worn and loved fiercely. Always one step ahead of the game. Always looking for the best.

Because gone are the days when you had to self-sacrifice when buying fashion – whether compromising on style, on sustainability or on quality. We’re in 2020,

and this is ExtraAF. We’re inviting you to express all of you through our collections of Extra-ness – you, your mood, your every single whim. Why be basic when you can be


So throw open the (wardrobe) door to beautiful, bold pieces you don’t have to feel guilty about. Obsess over intricate detailing, knowing it’s within your budget. And you go ahead

and create that post-Covid events calendar to showcase how ExtraAF you really are.


We’re the world.

A lot of fashion brands say they’re sustainable. But do they really mean it? Big brands who do nothing for the environment are the catalyst of ExtraAF’s inception. Because we’re a

brand that likes to do it all. A multitasker, if you will. One that puts fashion, people and the planet first – on an even keel. Possibly for the first time in UK retail history.

And we’re here to change people’s underlying assumption of sustainability – which is that every brand does it properly. We’ve all seen sustainability overkill – the term is bandied 

about on social media and blogs everywhere. It means one thing for one brand, and something completely different for another.

For us, it means styles that are 80% sustainable, using fabrics like lyocell and BCI cotton. Styles that are made by skilled dressmakers in factories which put employee wellbeing 

first, and shipped from Europe via road, not air.

Because looking amazing doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment, the workers or the fabrics – and being sustainable no longer means basic shapes,

endless neutrals and crazy prices.

So out with the shapeless khaki of yesteryear. Farewell, eco enemies. And hello, things we love – frilled hems, shirred sleeves, satin shorts. Join us in demanding better for the

world, and for your wardrobe.


We’re on a mission to give.

We have a vision for change.

To give the fashion-forward We want to revolutionise the fashion industry so that
the trends they love. nobody
  has to choose between what’s stylish
To give the world and what’s sustainable
the sustainability it deserves. ever again.